If you are new **Read This**

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If you are new **Read This**

Post by Webmaster on Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:00 pm

Welcome to Sacred Ashes.

if you like to register you need to activate your account by clicking the link you got in your mailbox of your e-mail
If you register, please use your in-game name for username

General Info

Your RL Name:
Your RL Age:
Your Location/Time-Zone:
Armory link to your main:
*note* - Please log out in your main spec PVE gear, notify us if something on the armory is incorrect.
Your Proffesions:
Your played time:

Average Hours Played/Week -
What time range do you play? - Weekdays :
What time range do you play?- Weekends :


Computer Info

Do you have a working mic? Are you willing to use it? If not, please elaborate, communication is vital.

Describe your computer's CPU/Video Card/Memory, do you have stable FPS? (if you don't know do as best you can):


Experience; also include your role if possible.
WoW Raiding:

Other note-worthy achievements:


Gear and Itemization

Please give some idea of what we can expect from you, either dps, tps or healing wise. If you have the ability to provide a WWS report, please do so.

UI Screenshot with your raid frames URL (use imageshack or photobucket). If you're a real baller, link to a FRAPS of you playing:

What gems should you use with your pve spec?

What is the most efficient pve spec for you, and will you be specced like that when participating in 25man raids?

Which metagem you use for pve? .

What spellrotation do you use?

Why do you play your class and spec (Explain which aspects of your class you love and why, Examples may be used):

Which stats would Prio over others?.

Which consumables & Flask/pots would you use on bosses?

About You

Who do you know in the guild that can provide a character reference?

For what reasons are you leaving your current guild ( If currently in one)? Would they consider you to be on good terms?

Tell us a true story about yourself... any story, in game or IRL.

Answer these Questions:

1) Which one of the following is a cube?
A) an orange
B) a ruler
C) a pyramid
D) a dice
E) a book

2) What is 73 rounded to the nearest 10?

3) How would you write the following number in figures?
four thousand three hundred and five

4) 468 + 529 = ?

5) Yesterday, the temperature was 2 degrees Celsius. Today, it is 5 degrees colder.
What is the temperature today?

6) Find the two words that are different from the others.
Example: (blue, mountain, cat, yellow, purple)

panic, fear, ghost, horror, snake ?

The crew of Sacred Ashes welcomes you.

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